2020 is 20% done.

//2020 is 20% done.

2020 is 20% done.

I don’t want you to panic but statistically speaking over 20% of the year has already passed us. Now, I mean what I say – I don’t want you to panic because there is enough panic and scaremongering going around. We will not be a part of that but the fact remains at the time of writing this blog post – there have been 75 days gone in the year and this gives us a great opportunity to sit back and consider how 2020 is treating you thus far.

Have you accomplished some of your New Year resolutions? Or were they vague and not written down?

This is, as most times are, a great opportunity to reflect on what we have done thus far and what we plan to do going forward. The easy option is to nod to oneself and find reasons to delay action. Reasons to be comfortable. Excuses for lack of progress.

It is uncomfortable to self-assess why you still aren’t happy when you look in the mirror. It is uncomfortable to take responsibility for every single action in your life.

But it is necessary, it is necessary in order to motivate you to push through the uncomfortable state of being. While it would be nice to hear me tell you to focus on the positive elements of your change and identify aspects out of your control to blame for your lack of progress.

We could blame Caronavirus as the reason you aren’t going to the gym, we could blame the poor economic environment for the reason you haven’t changed jobs. But we both know that there are alternative efforts that could, and should have been done to achieve your goals.

Now is not the time to wallow in self-loathing and get angry for your lack of progress. Now is the time to take positive action. Assess where you are. Whether that being your physical health, mental health, financial situation, job satisfaction, etc. Identify what you want. This needs to be specific if you want to improve your health, “lose weight” is not specific enough. Identify exactly what you want. Quantify it. WRITE IT DOWN and tell a friend. Studies show that goals that have been written down are far more likely to become accomplished.

Finally, tell others about it. Maybe not your entire Facebook community but tell someone who will hold you responsible to your goals.

Blue Light Academy wants you to accomplish your goals. We want you to be the best version of yourself that you can imagine. If that person is teaching first aid, inspiring others to save lives – then please ensure you contact us by booking a call in my diary here.

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