3 steps to become the best first aid trainer ever!

//3 steps to become the best first aid trainer ever!

3 steps to become the best first aid trainer ever!

Content. You need to have the content. The thing is, when teaching First Aid in the UK, content should be consistent. You should be teaching it to the guidelines set out by the UK Resuscitation Guidelines. If you’re aren’t – start reading into them here. 

But that can’t be the end. That is basic. You need to be brilliant. You need to inspire life savers. Teaching first aid training is your job. But being able to adapt the course to ensure everyone leaves with the confidence to act in the case of the emergency is what separates you from the very average first aid trainers out there. The bystander phenomenon is a real problem where people are less likely to act if there are others around, as people assume someone else will do it. You, as a trainer need to ensure that every single person who leaves your course, leaves with the basic knowledge and technique but essentially, the confidence.

Tips to develop confidence in learners can be found below: 

  • Explain that they will feel scared and that they will likely have a moment of pure panic and may freeze up. Panic is normal. It is just the adrenaline pumping through their veins. Ensuring that the primary survey is well and truly burned into their brains is paramount in ensuring that they recover from this paralysis and bounce into action, spotting any dangers as they approach the casualty. Many first aiders report to being able to remember much more once they begin to act. It is also important to ensure that students are aware that they are not the only one responsible and having a crowd around the incident should be perceived as a good thing as there is now more hands to help. Taking charge of the crowd is a vital skill for any first aider and ensuring that the crowd are working for them not against them is paramount. Give your students tips to best manage a crowd.
  • Additionally you may want to incorporate role plays into your teachings. Role plays allow you to add an element of realness into your training. It allows you to strategically verify that specific people in the classroom are understanding your teachings so far. It has been concluded that role playing is the single most significant factor for determining standard of training quality by attendees. Meaning – if you want to ensure you receive better feedback? Do more role plays. Simple.

Secondly, having a sense of humour will make the day as a first aid trainer go by much faster. This statement is true no matter the work environment but especially when dealing with people. It is all down to the timing. Pun intended. Telling joke after joke at a corporate client within your first half an hour to build rapport would be inappropriate, but at the end of a 3 day First Aid course when you have already developed a relationship with your students is a great idea. Having a few moments to enjoy a good laugh with your students will only develop your reputation with them and enhance their experience. It can also ease the tension that a lot of attendees feel when attending a first aid course.

Thirdly, deliver your first aid content with energy and encouragement. Our top trainers relate the teaching of first aid to delivering a theatrical performance, without the bells and whistles. It is about ensuring you remain engaging and fun throughout the day. Don’t teach while sitting down, stand up, bounce around the room and create the positive energy you want from your students. You need to be energetic and relatable. Avoid technical terms that distance yourself and the average Joe in the classroom.


Always remember – teaching first aid is about them. Not you. This is not a chance for you to boost your ego, by talking all about your past experiences and using scientific words. You are giving tips and techniques to help them to save a life. This must always remain your priority. If you keep this in your mind you will be a great trainer.

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