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Who We Are:

Blue Light Academy is a train the trainer academy working with Firefighters, Paramedics, Army, Police and any other emergency service experienced personal. We work with you to transform your career into a trainer. We offer multiple routes into careers best suited to those with Emergency service experience.

Once you have qualified from one of our packages we will recommend your new services to high-quality training companies in the Health and Safety training industry. We train you to become the best trainer and then work alongside to help you get your foot in the door.

Whether you are retired army medic looking to become a First Aid trainer or a London Firefighter looking for some extra cash between your night-shifts. Blue Light Academy is the train the trainer academy for you.



In your working life thus far you’ve probably gone above and beyond the cause of duty to help someone and Blue Light Academy recognizes that and wants to thank you for that! We do this by donating 10% of our profits to charities that affect the lives of our trainers. Each and every month we give to your charity of choice. 

Our Past Clients 

Firefighters 68
Ex Army 33
Nurses 30
Paramedics 52
Midwives 38
Doctors 33
Police 68

What We do:

We are a training academy firm which helps ex and current emergency services find a new career within the training industry. We have a vast list of partners whom we work with to help you become the very best trainer possible.

We not only do we hep you become a qualified trainer, we also get you an interview with different training organizations to help you start working as soon as you are qualified.

While 90% of our clients are from the Emergency services there is some scope to work with non-emergency services individuals. Some of our training companies explicitly only hire ex/ current emergency services to work as a trainer for them but if you are looking to take your qualifications and start your own training firm then we can certainly help as well.

We operate on a very consultative model trying to understand what you want from your next career and working with you to make that happen.

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