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Become a Fire Marshal Trainer Scholarship

Blue Light Academy is proud to announce that we have successfully partnered with Siren Training to offer 5 scholarships for ex and current Firefighters in London to become a Fire Marshal Trainer. Becoming a fire marshal trainer is a great opportunity for a firefighter to earn a secondary income and begin earning money between night shifts. Once qualified you will run your first 3 courses pro-bono and from there on are able to earn approx £30 an hour as a fire marshal trainer.

The competition is running live in Feburary and the winners will be announced on the 1st of March.

Here is everything the scholarship entails.

  • Fire Marshal qualification with the Fire protection association
  • Mentorship program from other firefighters
  • Freelance Fire Marshal position with Siren Training
  • Fire Safety training handbook
  • Fire Marshal lesson plans
  • Fire Marshal powerpoint
  • Help setting up as self employed

The total cost of this program would usually be well over £500 but through the generoristy of Siren Training, a Health and Safety training company in London which was started by two firefighters, we are able to offer this opportunity completely free.

Please fill out the form below to register your interest in this program and share it on your social media to stand a chance to win this amazing opportunity.

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