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Become a Fire Marshal Trainer

Fire safety training is mandatory. Every business in the UK needs to ensure they have some sort of training to ensure they remain complaint under the “The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005”. In the last decade the government has cut 10,000 Firefighters due to government public sector cuts, this in combination with the recent awful events of Grenfall tower has led to a marked increase in the demand for Fire safety trainers among training companies and businesses in London – today is the perfect time to become a fire marshal trainer.

When you become a Fire Marshal trainer, it does allow you to work independently, equipping your colleagues and/or learners with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves and others in the event of a fire.

When you become a Fire Marshal Trainer – you will be qualified to train in the following subjects

Become a Fire Marshal trainer

  • Causes of workplace fires
  • The fire triangle
  • Action in the event of fire
  • Fire fighting
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Practical fire extinguishing
  • The fire action plan
  • The role and duties of the Fire Marshal
  • An overview of fire risk assessment
  • An overview of fire warning system

Who Should Become a Fire Marshal Trainer

Simply put, Firefighters! Or those with specific fire safety knowledge. fire safety officers, fire investigators, fire risk assessors and so on… Those looking to deliver this course on behalf of their company are also encouraged to get in touch.

Testimonials From Others Who Have Become a Fire Marshal Trainer

As a London Firefighter, I knew I could do more in between my night shifts to support my new family. I tried many different secondary jobs but none that were as fun and convenient as when I made the decision to become a Fire Marshal trainer. Blue Light Academy allowed me to connect with 2 Fire Marshal training companies – I now work an average of 3 sessions a week with each session lasting approximately 4 hours. Thank you for your support BLA! – Ray Casper

As a recently retired female Firefighter, I wanted to find some part time work and didn’t fancy becoming an uber driver or anything mundane like that. I knew I had a very certain set of skills. After some hesitation, I decided to go with the Blue light Academy to become a Fire Marshal trainer and First Aid trainer and I have never looked back. While I still miss the station my new role allows me to connect with my student on a day to day basis and utilize my skills for the benefit of society. While pocketing a decent salary I get to choose when I work. I wish I had done it sooner. – Jane Wilson

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