Become a first aid trainer – Experience

//Become a first aid trainer – Experience

Become a first aid trainer – Experience

Whatever career you decide to go down – you need the right qualifications. That is the easy part.

What is sometimes not so easy is the experience. When teaching people first aid or fire safety you are going to have such a vast array of different people in the classroom. Some are there out of their general interest and will be actively engaged throughout the day while some are there for work and will show little to no interest. Your job is to ensure that by the end of it they have the necessary skills to save their loved one’s life.

It is quite a responsibility, teaching others how to save a life! You need to ensure everyone on the course walks out of there thinking “that was really useful”. Thinking what a great use of their time that was. Thinking about how much they enjoyed it more than they were expecting. That is the BLA standard. That is how we need to leave our attendees.

The old process of learning how to become a trainer is broken. We experimented with this method of “Sally teaching the class how to become a first aid trainer”. It doesn’t work. You end up becoming a version of Sally. A worse version. A fake version that doesn’t communicate “Sally” as effectively as herself and you end up falling very, very short.

We also realised that the majority of people we work with are either ex or current emergency services and such busy people that they couldn’t afford to take two weeks out of their lives to explore this new career. As such Blue Light Academy developed a shadowing model through our strong partnership matrix of Safe and Sound, Siren Training and First Aid for life. Once you join our programme we develop your training around your current schedule. Meaning you can train at a time and date and that suit you and your current life. Through Blue Light Academy – How to become a first aid trainer course, you can watch up to 10 different trainers meaning you get 10 different ways of teaching, 10 different ways to start a course and 10 different classes to understand what connects and resonates with the learners.

Through our programme you learn how to manage attendees, you learn from multiple different people and you become a better first aid trainer. If you are keen to take your application to the next stage it is time to set up a call with us here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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