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The police is a career not given the appropriate level of respect and appreciation. They are the core of public sector with over 30,000 just in London. Spending their day to day lives protecting civilians from terrorism, crime and at some points each other. The communication skills are unparalleled, the same skills used to develop a good relationship with the local community are the same skills that will allow you to be a well liked trainer on your first aid courses. Police officers, besides for their excellent first aid knowledge also have the negotiation skills to ensure that they call relate to their class and connect with them on a human level.

About us

Blue Light Academy is a specialist training and recruitment firm which specialises in helping ex and current emergency services to source a secondary income or start a new one entireley. While many train the trainer companies provide a very transactional service. We work with you on an annual basis to ensure you have the neccessary qualifications, experience and connections to industry to become a first aid trainer.

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What is included:

  • 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work Qualification

  • 3 day First Aid at Work Qualification

  • Paediatric First Aid Qualification

  • 3 X official observations

  • Trainer handbook

  • Powerpoints

  • Lesson plans

  • Interviews with first aid training companies to find you work

  • 6 months of phone and email support

  • Access to our private Facebook community

  • Professional “name@bluelightacademy.co.uk” email

  • First Aid trainer insurance

  • First Aid trainer registration

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