Fighting firefighters with fireworks

//Fighting firefighters with fireworks

Fighting firefighters with fireworks

Firefighters are a rare breed of hero. Ones that throw themselves into danger without thought risks that await them inside that burning furnace. Firefighters are fearless creatures trained to pick you up and carry your out of a fire and then use their lifesaving first aid skills to bring you back to life.

But there are a few days in the calendar which firefighters fear. One of them is on the 5th of November.

Remember, remember the 5th of November is the saying and It certainly isn’t one Hyde Fire station will be forgetting anytime soon. At 21:35 they were called to Millennium Park on reports of a fire. Upon arriving they were greeted by 50 teens who introduced themselves by hurling fireworks directly at them.

Police were called as the situation was deemed too dangerous to proceed. Firefighters were forced to retreat until Police were able to calm the situation.

When we say to “calm the situation”, the teens were taken back to their parents and their fireworks were taken off them.

Things were even worse in Scotland where the control room handled 882 calls 8 hours on the 5th of November. Scottish Fire and Rescue service were dealt with 665 incidents over the evening including 359 bonfires. 6 of the 665 resulted in attacks on firefighters.

Assistant Chief Officer John Dickie condemned all attacks on emergency services as “completely unacceptable”. Blue Light Academy completely agree. Not only do these incidents keep Firefighters occupied and delay their response to providing their lifesaving services but Police are also required to help manage these incidents.

Something needs to be done to stop these incidents happening in the future. Firefighters are the unsung heroes of our generation and do not deserve this treatment. This kind of treatment is one of the main reasons were hind firefighters joining Blue Light Academy. The desire to be appreciated and accepted. To be putting your life on the line on a day to day basis to be hurled with fireworks doesn’t seem worth it. Join Blue Light Academy, start your firefighter secondary career and become a first aid trainer.


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