Focus on the bored

//Focus on the bored

Focus on the bored

As a trainer, your people skills will be one of your biggest skills. Being able to manage a class and help them gain the qualifications and experience needed to progress into their specific field. The advantage of this progress is subjective to the individual attending. Thus, different attendees, have varying levels of motivation and your job is to manage that effectively.

Lets use First Aid training as an example, if you are running a private course for a company, you can tailor the course to their individual needs of your attendees. Lets say, you are training a yogi training company. For insurance purposes, all yoga instructors need a First Aid course. You might focus more of your attention on sprains, strains and less of it on catastrophic bleeding.

However, when you are teaching an open course where anyone and everyone can attended, you need to be able to tailor this course to the needs of the specific individuals attending. You may have to teach the same First Aid course to a construction site supervisor who has been on 7 First Aid courses before this and believes he knows more than you do. Sitting next to Dave the construction manager is Sarah, who works in an office and her biggest danger is a serious paper-cut or staple mishap. Sarah is quite keen to learn more about a few techniques she can use on her kids if anything had to happen to them.

When trying to understand the key responsibilities of your attendees and then tailoring the course to their requirements, you can run practical scenarios to test your learners practical skills. Maybe those that are working in construction can find one man unconscious and another with a sever bleed. They will then need to make a decision on whom is highest priority and learn how to use the defib.

As a trainer you will generally have 4 different types of people in your audiences, “Friendlies”, “Hostiles”, “Indifferents” and “Uncommitteds”. My suggestion would be to focus on the “uncommitteds”, this develops more resiliency and effectiveness as a trainer.


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