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Buddys beats

Buddy’s Beats

Buddy’s Beats is the complete music mentorship and confidence coaching service to turn you into rockstar status. Their “Talk The Talk” package is fast becoming one of the most sought after public speaking programmes the UK helping people develop their own inner confidence to bring the house down. Also offering courses on stage presence, body language and voice coaching.

vw first aid training

Vic Webber Training

Vic Webber Training is a first aid and fire marshal training company specialising in producing confident and qualified first aiders. Both Vic and Ash, the two directors of the business are also senior Blue Light Academy mentors who help other members become the best first aid trainer they can become.

first aid industry body

First Aid Industry Body

The First Aid Industry Body is our recommended awarding body for both first aid trainers and companies looking for a more flexible awarding body experience.

They are headed up by Mr Ian Kershaw, MBE who has provided training providers within the First Aid Industry with endless hours of support over the last 20 years. He is well experienced to do this as he was Head of First Aid at HSE (1995-2007) before then creating the Federation of First Aid Training Organisations (FOFATO) in 2007 has always promoted the improvement of standards of First Aid training.


VIDA first aid training is a specialist training organisation developed by Blue Light Academy graduates. A fantastic company which is best known for its committed training style and quality of service.

Since COVID-19 hit, it has become apparent that businesses that are able to adapt will win and VIDA is one of those businesses. Always willing to go the extra step to help.

They deliver fun and lifesaving training practically enough to make it memorable and lifesaving. Contact them today.


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