Putting the fire out of the pension issue

//Putting the fire out of the pension issue

Putting the fire out of the pension issue

This marks a landmark month where firefighters and the Fire Brigade Union have won a longstanding battle with the government over firefighter pensions, specifically when they can access them. After 4 years since the government tried to cut the firefighter pension pot by increasing the age that you can retire by 10 years. This would have impacted the oldest and most experienced firefighters in the UK.

“Who would you like to save you if your house was on fire – a fit, strong firefighter or a 64-year-old firefighter. You will be the one carrying them out” – London Firefighter.

Firefighters have been forced to acquire secondary jobs with an estimated 67% of firefighters in London working 2 jobs or more. Secondary careers ranging from casual manual labour like bricklaying to more skill-based careers like first aid training. A recent study produced by Blue Light Academy, an emergency service first aid train the trainer business in London had found 11% of first aid trainers have experience in “fire safety and firefighting” and 48% have some sort of emergency service experience.

Blue Light Academy soft launched 10 months ago and has helped dozens of emergency service workers create their own career autonomy while increasing the number of lifesavers in the local community.

After a four-year battle with the government for going back on their agreement with firefighters in 2015. It is no wonder these everyday heroes are looking to companies like Blue Light Academy to help prepare for their own retirement.

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