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First aid trainer
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Ash Webber – First Aid trainer


Career background

10 years Police Officer. PC & Sergeant. Response team – 1st responder. Critical incident management. Then went into neighbourhood Policing & a brief stint in training. Trainer – conflict management, self-defence & first aid on the side.


Why did you decide to become a first aid trainer:

I decided it was time for a change. Family circumstances & a desire to be happier in life. It was time to do something more fulfilling, fun & worthwhile all with a better work/life balance! I wear many hats in my new career. Sometimes, “First Aid trainer” as well as “International performer & entertainer”, “established speaker”, “confidence coach” and “music mentor”.


As a First Aid trainer – what is your number one goal when starting a course?

First Aid is serious enough. I am dedicated to injecting fun, humour & simplicity into what CAN be a very dull subject. A fun course is a memorable course and the more they remember the more life-saving skills they take away. 

I also ensure that everyone WANTS to be there. Assure them this will not be like other courses. Remove fear/anxiety & the fear of being bored. Reassurance mainly. I’ve been where they are! 


If you could have one superpower – what would it be? 

Probably to have “The Force.” My son would love it – though we’d probably be enemies as he’s a Sith.


Could you summarise your training philosophy?

Nothing wrong with “proper technique” but less is more. In “life-saving mode” – done is better than perfect. Near enough is good enough. By having a go, you’ll be doing more than most people ever will. Keep it simple, keep it simple, keep it simple. Jargon & theory-heavy sessions make first aid trainers and companies look smart however real life-saving is different. I recall reviving a learner on a course once along with another Blue Light member – Ynes. Top that! #ThisStuffWorks

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