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Ed Knottley - Become a first aid trainer


Career summary:   

Ed has a relatively short career summary but has a variety of roles in both the corporate world and in the emergency services. He understands that training is about the attendees and not the trainer and that he needs to adapt his training styles to suit each client. Ed has spent the last 3 years in the London Fire Brigade, risking his life to save the lives of others. He is now recognised as a mentor in the brigade and is eager to help educate the public on how to handle emergency situations.


BLA membership:  

Ed has joined as one of BLA youngest ever members but has a maturity beyond his years where he already is aware of the importance of first aid and relishes opportunities to develop others. His approaches everything with meticulous detail and spent the last few months shadowing and perfecting his new craft, purchasing equipment and getting qualified. Ed has completed EFAW, FM and FAW shadowing and qualifications as well as his AET.

I highly encourage you to seek out an interview date with Ed to decide if he would be a suitable addition to your team of trainers.  He would make an excellent representative of both your and BLA brand furthermore.

Please fill out the form below to see if Ed and Blue Light Academy can help you.

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