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Trainer name: James Ball
Age: 34
Occupation: Current serving Firefighter for the London Fire Brigade for 10 years.
Bio: Based at one of the busiest stations in London has given me vast amounts of experience with various emergency incidents and helped me develop a calm manner on which to approach them this lends itself well to inspiring others how to save lives.

Before becoming a Firefighter, James was a Prison Officer at HMP Wandsworth. Whilst there James looked after many different types of criminals where he was responsible for Induction presentations to all the new inmates, making sure they knew what to expect and what rules they needed to adhere to during their stay.

“I have decided to become a First Aid trainer because I wanted to give back some of the knowledge and experience I have gained over the last decade working in the emergency services. I believe that everybody should have a basic idea of how to save somebody’s life if needed.”

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